Decrease Pain and Increase Vitality

Boost Your Body's Natural Healing Abilities

- Feel the Stress and Pain Melt Away
- Learn Powerful Self Care Techniques
- Improve Your Total Body Health 
- Become More Resilient

At Finn Physical Therapy you will find healing solutions for discomfort caused by:


which can manifest as stiffness, fatigue or difficulty taking a deep breath

A poor workstation
set up

and long hours at the computer, which can lead to headaches and TMJ symptoms

Insufficient daily movement

which can feel like brain fog and apathy

Injuries and conditions

that haven’t responded to treatment before


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Reach your best state of health

Remove the layers of old injuries and restrictions that have built up over time

Return to your active, productive lifestyle

As the need to compensate for pain and restrictions lessens, your energy levels will increase and you will naturally be more active

Feel happier and more confident

With a balanced nervous system, you will sleep more deeply and wake up in a better mood

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Bringing Holistic Physical Therapy to NYC!


Located in Midtown Manhattan, Finn Physical Therapy offers healing solutions through holistic physical therapy. 

Holistic Physical Therapy works with the different systems of the body to bring a naturally balanced state that is conducive to overall health.

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Holistic PT

  • Addresses the root cause of your issue

  • Works with the foundations of health

  • Increases energy and vitality

  • Helps the body heal itself

Traditional PT

  • Focuses on treating the symptom

  • Treats the parts of the body in isolation

  • Has a limited scope

  • Focuses on specific functional goals


Work with Me

Take the next step to reclaim your health and feel better now

In Person Sessions

  • Hands on treatment
  • Movement and postural analysis
  • Receive a take home program to continue the benefits of your session at home
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Virtual Sessions

  • Self releasing techniques
  • Strength and flexibility programs
  • Guided visualization and breathing

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Online Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Eliminate pain from working at your computer
  • Adjust your workstation to fit your body
  • Learn how to make your back, neck and arms comfortable
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I'm Deirdre Finn, PT, OCS

After 30 years in practice, I still wake up every day passionate about helping you achieve optimal health, whatever that means to you.

The basis of what I do involves facilitating the body's own natural intelligence and healing abilities, and combines this way of working with traditional physical therapy.

The holistic viewpoint recognizes that nothing in the body works in isolation. By working with the whole body, we encourage  the natural processes that lead to health and improved function.

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“Deirdre is a sensitive and brilliant clinician who uses her knowledge to transform your body into an integrated and centered state.”  


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