Craniosacral Therapy Part 1

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2022


Craniosacral therapy is one of the more mysterious and seemingly esoteric bodywork treatments available. Those who have received it usually love it, because it is so profoundly relaxing.

The craniosacral system manifests as the craniosacral rhythm, which can usually be perceived only by trained hands, and it is so subtle that it can be difficult to measure.

In comparison, the pulse and blood pressure are easy to see, feel and measure as manifestations of the cardiovascular system.

The craniosacral system has been called the breath of the central nervous system. This is because the rhythm is similar to breathing, in that there is an expansion and then a return, which is similar to the inhale and exhale.

When a person is healthy and strong with good vitality, the rhythm is also strong and is symmetrical in its expansion and return. 

The quality of the rhythm can be felt and it can be used diagnostically, to see how healthy and strong a part of the body is. It is a measure of vitality.

It is a wonderful tool and craniosacral therapy has many uses, one of which is to balance the nervous system. It feels wonderfully soothing and relaxing and is a natural stress reliever.

I will be writing a short series on the craniosacral system, to let you know more about this mysterious aspect of the body, first understood by two American physicians, Andrew Taylor Still and William Sutherland, in the 19th century.


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