Craniosacral Therapy Part 2

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2022


The Head to Tail Pulley System

Although the craniosacral system is subtle, the results of working with it can be surprisingly strong. It is a powerful modality.

One reason for this is that inherent in the system is the strong connection of the head to the pelvis, via the spine and the spinal membranes. The membranes that surround the spinal cord and brain are called the meninges. One of them, the dural membrane, is strong and tough. 

The dural membrane serves a protective function, tightening up in response to physical or emotional injury or threat.

Structurally it is like a rope that attaches at either end of your craniosacral system i.e. the cranium and the sacrum. The sacrum is a large bone in the center of your pelvis. 

If a rope is pulled on one end, the force transmits directly along the length of the rope. The same thing happens with this spinal membrane.

If someone falls and lands on their butt, the pelvis can be thrown out of alignment, twisting the sacrum. This twist will pull up to the head and will affect the balance of the cranial bones.

The pull can go the other way as well. If someone has, for example, extensive dental work, and the jaw is pulled strongly, that can affect the base of the skull, translate down the spine, and affect the alignment of the pelvis.

By working with these connections, head, neck and back pain that had previously seemed chronic or unresolvable can be easily resolved.

This is because of the amazing mirroring affect of the head and pelvis in the craniosacral system. 


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