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Take the next step to reclaim your health and feel better now

Learn What You Can Do For Long Term Health


It’s our daily habits that make the difference in how good we feel. Small changes accumulate over the hours and days and can result in significant improvements in your health.

Work With Me

In-Person Sessions

Available at our Midtown New York City or New Paltz location.


  • Experience long lasting relief from your aches and pains

  • Know what to do at home

  • Feel more energy and less daily stress

You Will Receive


Hands on treatment
This includes craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and joint mobilization

Core strength and postural work
Careful analysis of your movement patterns and thorough evaluation means targeting your exercises for your issues

Balancing of your nervous system
Breathing and guided relaxation will allow you to deeply release old patterns and stress

Enjoy a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of your body, breath and quality of attention.

Steps to Total Vibrant Health:

Book Your In-Person Session

Schedule via email, text or phone.

In person sessions at the Midtown NYC location are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The New Paltz office is only open on Mondays.

Initial Consult + Treatment Plan

We will discuss your issues and medical history.

A  thorough evaluation and initial treatment are included

You will leave with an understanding of the next steps needed

Feel Better and Take Back Your Health

Together we will work to release the layers of tightness and pain.

 Then establish new movement patterns and strength where needed.

You will take home a new awareness, ability  and understanding of  how to maintain your health

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Virtual Sessions

Tap into your innate healing powers and find relief from your aches daily stresses.

  • Postural Work

  • Core Strengthening

  • Self Release Techniques 

Learn How To


Stress melts away  

Relax and balance your nervous system

Guided breathing and visualization techniques

 The body naturally seeks balance, and can achieve it with just a little bit of the right help



Feel energized

Identify and release tight areas using small balls and your own hands and body weight


  Feel light

Learn the best ways to strengthen your core and improve your posture

Create a healing and relaxing environment right in your own home.

Only a mat or a rug is needed!

Work With Me

How Each Session Works

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Initial Consult and Treatment


We will discuss your issues and medical history.

A  thorough evaluation and initial treatment are included

You will leave with an understanding of the next steps needed

Effective Treatment in Your Own Home


Together, we will work to release tight areas and address imbalances. Then we will begin strengthening where needed. We can take a look at your workstation setup as well

See How Well a Virtual Session Can Work

"At first I was skeptical of a Zoom session.  As things turned out, I was pleasantly surprised. The session was productive, and I didn’t need to travel any further than my living room carpet. I won’t hesitate to schedule more Zoom sessions." 

Work With Me

Online Ergonomic Evaluation

Work Without Pain


Eliminate pain from working at your computer

Being comfortable at your workstation doesn’t happen by accident. You need the right tools and expert guidance to correctly set you up for success.

This evaluation will help you:

  • Evaluate your work from home or office set up
  • Identify problem areas that are causing you discomfort
  • Understand what you need for healthy and pain-free sitting
  • Relieve you of chronic pain so you can enjoy an active and restful life again
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“Deirdre combines her highly developed technical skills with an unusual sensitivity to individual needs. Remarkably, she is able to do this work remotely as well as in person.”

- BF

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