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Feel better immediately

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Workdays feeling even longer because of your chronic aches and pains?

Life is too short to sit in discomfort all day. 
You deserve to feel your best, so you can perform at your best.

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All The Tools You Need To Perfect Your Computer Set Up and Work in Comfort

Being comfortable at your work station doesn't happen by accident. You need the right tools and expert guidance to correctly  set you up for success.


This evaluation will help you:

- Evaluate your current work-from-home or office set-up

- Identify problem areas that are causing you discomfort

-Understand what you need for healthy and painfree sitting

- Relieve you of chronic pain, so you can enjoy an active and restful life again

If you feel discomfort after a day working at your desk, your computer setup could be causing you pain.

It's time to make the changes you need to feel better.

I'm Deirdre Finn, PT, OCS

As an experienced physical therapist, I know that you can be doing a great job with exercising, and can have the best hands-on treatment available, and yet still have daily discomfort.

Most of this discomfort, especially if you work at a desk all day, comes from an improper set up of your workstation. 

For over 20 years, I have been providing my patients with this revolutionary ergonomic service.

I have seen over and over again how adjusting your workstation can drastically improve, and often cure, chronic pain, and by doing this increase levels of happiness and well-being in life.

Let me guide you in making easy changes to your set-up and help you get back to feeling great again.

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How the Online Ergonomic Evaluation Works:

 1.  Submit your photos

Complete a short form and send us your workstation photos

 2.  Receive your expert, personalized recommendations 

Recommendations and easy-to-understand implementation instructions are sent to you within 48 hours

3. Upgrade your workstation with confidence

We will send you additional educational materials, including videos and illustrations, so you can quickly see results


"The shoulder pain and limited mobility I had were overwhelming.

Having the ergonomic evaluation lowered the pain in my shoulder and made a noticeable difference in my ability to work for extended periods at the computer, as well as how my shoulder felt after working".

- HA 


"I never had to spend long hours at a computer before. I had no idea what was causing this new back pain

Deirdre made a few simple suggestions that completely solved the back pain and made it go away, immediately.

I don’t dread sitting down at the computer anymore and I’m not in pain while working."

- VW


"I didn’t know how to set up my workstation, even though I knew my posture was a big contributor to my neck and back pain.

Working in the proper posture really helps me open up my back, and breathe better!

I’m able to work without pain thanks to setting up my desk correctly."

- DF

Data Analyst

Learn what you need for your body, your work situation, when in your own environment

By signing up for an ergonomic assessment with me, you'll receive personalized attention and a tailored , easy to understand approach to ensure you continue to live your best life.


In addition to receiving recommendations for your workstation setup, you will:
Receive personalized  postural recommendations from an expert physical therapist.

  • Learn what you need for your body type, your work situation and your environment.
  • Learn the basics of sitting - something most of us were never taught.
  • Learn how to find an upright, neutral and comfortable position.
  • Receive bonus tips and tricks on how to support your back and relieve your neck.


Learn what you need for your body, your work situation, in your environment

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What You'll Get with this Evaluation:

  • Customized recommendations for your work station (including correct placement of your chair, monitor and keyboard)
  • A follow-up e-mail check and additional support
  • Access to the "Be Pain-Free Library", an online archive of information on posture, sitting, lumbar supports, laptops,  and more. 
  • Bonus teachings and videos including:

- Simple daily stretches
- Valuable postural tips
- How to reverse the negative effects of sitting
- And more!

This Program is Perfect for Anyone Who:


  • Has irritating, nagging pains that won't go away

  • Has trouble sitting at their desk for long periods of time

  • Is struggling with how to improve their working environment

  • Dreads working at their desk everyday

  • Wants to learn the right way to sit at their computer

  • Wants to work with ease

  • Wants to return to their active, pain-free lifestyle

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What's My Investment?




Lifetime Access to the
"Be Pain-Free" Library


Don't dread another day at the (home)-office.

Up-level your workstation and feel great at your desk (and life) again.

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